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In 2017 the charity put out a call for staff to apply for Research Fellowship Grants of up to £10,000. The aim of the grant is to support NBT staff to undertake a preliminary research project which has direct relevance to the NHS.

Applications are invited from NBT staff including clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals from any clinical area, who hold a substantive or honorary contract with NBT.
Grants might be used to support the following activities:

  • conducting a research project that is of direct relevance to the NHS;
  • conducting a pilot research project to provide evidence to support an NBT-led grant Application;
  • pump priming to give time to develop a research idea into a full grant proposal for a funded project in the future.

Another call will be announced in early 2020. If you want further information please contact via email:

2017 Research Fellowship Awards
The Projects

David Odd, Consultant Neonatologist

Neurological Impacts of Post-Term Birth

Shona McIntosh, Vascular Clinical Nurse Specialist

Identification and assessment of the palliative care needs of patients with end stage peripheral vascular disease, who have undergone lower limb amputation.

2018 BHRC Fellowships Awarded
September 2018

Dr Kate Crewdson, Consultant Anaesthetist, NBT

The ketogenic diet to prevent secondary brain injury in traumatic brain injury patients: an intervention design study.

Richard Armstrong, Anaesthetics Dept, University Hospitals, Bristol

Using machine learning to predict patient outcomes after lower limb vascular surgery: preliminary descriptive analyses of the National Vascular Registry

Dr Samantha Hayward, Renal Department, Southmead Hospital

Optimising initiation of dialysis for older people with chronic kidney disease – the UK EQUAL biomarker study.

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