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The aims of BHRC remain the aims of the founding fathers of the charity as listed in the 2002 Trust Deed document

The promotion and development of clinical research at hospital clinics or other establishments for time being under the control of North Bristol NHS Trust, and for the furtherance of postgraduate medical education.

Increasingly the healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, have appointments at both the major Trusts within Bristol mainly the North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) and the United Hospitals Trust. Others have dual appointments between NBT and the community. Hence, a range of research interest will be the business of this charity.

What We do

Clinical Research Fellowships

BHRC aims to promote research within NBT and its wider community. A primary method of promoting research is to supply start up “funds” to investigators who wish to embark on a programme of research.

The charity provides grants of £10k to successful applicants which enable them to devote protected time to developing research applications to bodies such as the Medical Research Council or the National Institute of Health Research.

These grants are to be spend within 12 months and are subject to milestone assessments thereby ensuring that money donated to the charity is used to its maximum benefit.– read more to take to current research projects

Student Vacation Scholarships

These scholarships are aimed a young people who are in their first year of A Level education and have the intention of pursuing a career in the health service. These scholarships give the student the opportunity to spend 4-6 weeks of the summer vacation, prior to their final school year, working under the supervision of a research active members of the North Bristol NHS Trust.

During the scholarship the students are given the opportunity to help with a research project. The aim of the scholarships is to not only encourage suitable young people go into the health service but also to give them an early introduction to research which the charity regards as the essential part of the workings of the NHS.

The Trustees will be contacting local schools in early 2019 inviting students to apply for a placement in the summer.

WGJ Hampson Memorial Fund

The WGJ (Gary) Hampson Fund is administered through the BHRC. The fund was established in 1979 specifically for Orthopaedic Research in the South West.

The fund is overseen by the South West Orthopaedic Club and each year the club awards a research prize and a research travelling prize.

This year (2018) the awards went to:

Gulraj Mathuru, Orthopaedic Registrar – Bristol Research Prize

Project: Is the rate of revision of 36mm metal on metal total hip arthroplasties with pinnacle acetabular components related to the year of the initial operation? An interrupted time-series analysis using data from the National Joint Registry for England and Wales.

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