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Cathy has been a senior midwife at North Bristol Trust for over 32 years. She is also the lead midwife for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF) and works with a multi- professional core team of staff to distribute an obstetric emergencies training package, PROMPT, to maternity units throughout the UK and around the world.

In Bristol, PROMPT has been associated with significant improvements in outcomes for mothers and babies and this has also led to reductions in litigation costs. These improvements have been replicated in Kansas, US and Victoria, Australia.

Cathy also has extensive practical maternity research experience and has been involved in the design and coordination of many large research projects that have influenced clinical practice and policy, to make it easier for maternity staff to provide the best care for mothers and their babies.

She was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of the West of England in recognition of her contribution to maternity services by championing multi- professional education and promoting maternal safety.

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